Thanksgiving Reflection

“To play the game is great, to win the game is greater, but to love the game is greatest of all.”

As Thanksgiving week approaches, I can’t help but think how thankful I am to be exactly where I am in life.  I am going to school at Kansas State University, a place I never would have found without the opportunity to play golf here.  I’m surrounded by an incredible family of people that I’ve met here and a school that has more school spirit than I could dream of.  I am playing college golf and getting a ton of experiences to compete and travel the country with my best friends.

I relate this quote not only to my favorite sport, but to life itself.

In golf, I’ve had the great moments, realizing that I even get the opportunity to be playing in the first place, which I owe all to my parents.  And then, I have the greater moments, where I’ve won.  And like my Dad says, in golf, you’re always going to lose more than you win.  And then finally, I have the greatest moments, where I realize how much I love just being out on the golf course.  Where I realize the reason I am playing golf is because I love putting the time into a sport that I fell in love with as a little kid.

Then, to relate that same quote to life.  It’s great to live life.  The very essence of being a healthy, free individual, is something everyone doesn’t have the opportunity to have.  Next, it’s always great when we have successes in life, whether it be getting that A on a test you studied your butt off for, or receiving the job you really wanted.  But the final step, and the greatest, is to love life.  I’m one of those people that believe you should always be doing what makes you happy.  I’ve had countless people tell me that in the pubic relations field, you have to love your job because of long hours and not necessarily great pay.  That doesn’t scare me one bit.  I honestly have no idea where life will lead me at this point in time.  Whether I’m using my public relations major, or economics major, or doing something completely different, my college education is giving me valuable skills to do whatever I end up doing.  I’ve never been more confident than in this moment that my public relations/economics dual major is the right choice for me.

I’m always going to do what makes me happy.  I believe if everyone did that, there wouldn’t be such a thing as work.  Sure even the things we love can become work, but if that work makes you happy in some way or another, that I believe you’ve succeeded in life.  I’ve discovered so far in life that a few things always ring true for me.  I love to travel, but also love the feeling of coming home.  I love to be outside, and love it even more when it’s peaceful and nothing but nature surrounds you.  I love building relationships with people.  And, I love to write, as can be seen by this blog.  Who knows what else life will show me that I love, but I’m willing to let life bring me anywhere.  After all, college brought me halfway across the country to a state I ended up falling in love with.

But until then, life’s too short to be anything but happy and thankful for the little things.  After all, Magic is Hidden in the Simple Things.


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