An Article Everyone Should Read

Before you click on this article and immediately exit out, I will warn you, yes, it is an article written by Joe Jonas.  But again, before that immediately turns you away, consider this: All celebrities are human.  All boy bands are a group of guys just trying to do what they love.  And everything is about perspective.

This article gives insight into the mind of a celebrity and musician.  One who is just trying to do what he loves, and just trying to be himself despite so many odds against him.  So many people look at how the media portrays something or someone and believes this to be fact.  Written in stone.  The only perspective.  But there’s so many ways to look at something, and sometimes all you need to do is change your perspective.

Yes, some celebrities let fame get to their head.  But that is not the case for everyone.  So many people hated the Jonas Brothers on principle.  They were a boy band with thousands of screaming teenage fans.  They got hate for every decision they made, from their purity rings, wanting privacy about relationships, their music and most recently, their final decision to break up.  However, there was a lot behind every one of those decisions.  There was emotion behind every song they wrote.  There was more to every story than met the eye, if people only changed their perspective to think about what it was like to live in their shoes.

I really respect this article by Joe.  I’m not saying I agree with every sentence he wrote.  But I do believe, it is a great article on perspective.  And that’s one thing I learned moving to Kansas for college.  It was a state I barely knew anything about and it never crossed my mind that one day I’d call it home.  If I had never kept an open mind to the change, I would have never had the perspective of living in Kansas, and now, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.


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