4 o’clock drop, 5 o’clock drop, 6 o’clock plummet!

We woke up in Manhattan to a foggy morning and a nippy 27 degrees with 100% humidity.  The high temperature was projected to be 51, but that was seeming less and less like a possibility unless the sun decided to peek its way through the low cloud cover.

At 11 a.m. we received the text.  We would be playing at 2 p.m.!

On the drive to the golf course we listened as the radio weather man reported a current temperature of 35 degrees.  With four layers on top and three on bottom (and two pairs of socks!), we were ready to go though!

Right as we were about to tee off, it was like God knew we had qualifying to accomplish.  The sun came out! It is amazing the difference in the “real feel” temperature with just a little bit of solar energy.

As soon as I got on the course, it felt so freeing to be out playing golf! After months in the indoor, sloshing through snow and ice to even get there, all while trying to stay warm even with the heaters on, it was such a relief to be outdoors playing golf! Real golf! Not just putting and hitting balls out into the blinding, snow-covered range.  I believe that a lot can be accomplished in the indoor and there are many parts of your game you can focus on, but there is nothing like being out on the course playing.

By our final hole, it was beginning to get a bit chilly.  We had played through the 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock drops, but now it was time for the 6 o’clock plummet! The sun was beginning to fall closer to the horizon, and we’d soon lose visibility too as my teammate cheerfully pointed out.

Despite our initial fears in the beginning of the day that it was going to be a rough round to get through between the cold and course conditions, it turned out to be a great day.  I thought about that as I stood up on that last tee.

Looking around, the setting sun was making the hills all around me glow.  I will never get over the beauty of Colbert Hills at sunset.  I also realized, I hadn’t stopped smiling the entire round.

How could I not? I was playing golf with my best friends in the beautiful state of Kansas.

Magic really is hidden in the simple things.


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