Eat. Sleep. Golf.

College golf has redefined this expression for me.

Many golf enthusiasts use the saying “eat, sleep, golf” to emphasize their love of the game. As a collegiate competitor though, going to tournaments is the exact definition of these three words.

An example of this from our last tournament in Utah:

Travel day: Wake up. Eat. Drive to St. George from Las Vegas. Check in with host families. Eat. Practice and play nine holes. Eat. Sleep.

Practice round day: Wake up. Eat. Arrive at course and have practice competitions. Go for hike with host family. (Hey look! Something that’s not eating, sleeping or golfing!) Eat. Play practice round. Eat. Sleep.

Competition Day 1: Wake up. Eat. Warm up and play 36 holes. Eat lunch during round. Eat dinner immediately following play. Sleep.

Competition Day 2: Wake up. Eat. Warm up and play 18 holes. Pack up van. Eat. Drive to Las Vegas. Check into hotel. Eat. Drive around Las Vegas. Sleep.

The summary of those four days: Eat. Sleep. Golf.

Gotta love college golf!


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