Adventures of a Bookworm: Love Does

Love Does. When given this book by my friend, I was drawn in by the title…love does? Love does what?

And it’s this question that Bob Goff answers, and perfectly I might add.  Not only does he answer this question, but he makes it a statement.  Love does.

God challenges us every day to live out the idea of love. Bob Goff puts the “do” in faith, as he says in his introduction.  I think in a time when less people are attending church and more people are questioning the existence of God, I think this is what faith and religion need to be all about.  Faith in God is simple.  It’s about love and it’s about putting love into action.

For me, religion is that simple.  It’s about loving life because God has blessed us with so much.

So, as I begin this book, I can’t wait to connect his stories to my life, and discover ways that I can too live in a way where “Love Does.”

After all, Magic is Hidden in the Simple Things.


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