Adventures of a Bookworm: Love Does #3

“You know what it is about someone that makes them a friend? A friend doesn’t just say things; a friend does.”

I’ve been so extremely lucky to experience this type of love in a friendship.  Everyone has the friendships that are about convenience to spend time with you when it fits in their schedule or when there is no one else.  A friendship where love does though, turns the idea of convenience inside out.

I met my best friend our freshman year of high school.  Four years of being best friends, and then the college adventure began. Both hundreds of miles away from home.  Both hundreds of miles away from each other.  We knew we were going to stay best friends though, and today, four years later, I can honestly say that’s true.  And you know why? Our friendship is where love does.

As you’re graduating high school, you have the friendships where you say, “we’ll text all the time and Skype once a week!” or “we’ll always be there for each other!” But that’s just talk.  And until you’re actually apart do you see how the friendships that were meant to last will.

While love may take effort, I personally think the “love does” that Bob Goff describes is about a type of love where effort doesn’t have the negative connotation that can be associated with it.  You do things because it’s genuine.  And most of all, you take action.

My best friend has decided last minute to fly to my school to visit me for the weekend.  My best friend has driven more than an hour to spend the night catching up, and then driven that same distance the next day to watch me compete.  My best friend and I text almost every day because we genuinely care about taking the time to know how the other is doing.

My best friend DOES so many little things, that add up to a great big LOVE that I wouldn’t trade for the world- all of which reminds me that

Magic is hidden in the simple things.


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